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IGCSE English as a Second Language

In our IGCSE English class we focused on expressing our preferences, increasing our vocabulary and making suggestions in a variety of situations. In doing so we can express ourselves in more detailed dialogue.


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In order to apply this knowledge, in groups, we studied articles focused on applications discussing their development and influence on a daily basis.
We discussed the most popular applications, analyzing their benefits then discussing their convenience, with students expressing their preferences towards different applications then giving reasons for their preference.
Students were then separated into groups to develop their own new application giving a detailed description followed by a discussion of their benefits. After the discussion, students presented their new application to the class, allowing for a wider audience to offer suggestions on how the application could be improved or further applied.


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By the end, we were able to show our preferences, express our opinions and offer suggestions in a detailed conversation. Through further development, we can engage in advanced dialogue and share our creativity to develop new ideas.

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