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‘Being Creative’ – Workshop for IB PYP parents

On October 19, 2018, we invited the IB PYP parents to a workshop with a difference!  This time the workshop was led by the parents, for the parents.  We used the upcoming Halloween theme to help parents learn to become Risk-Takers and Thinkers.


We highly appreciate the parent volunteers who met us during the week to understand their roles.  We would like to thank all 4 parents:Shen Yihua-parent of Gu Tianbang,Lan Kaiyan-parent of Pu Yuhao, Li Dongmei-parent of Zhang Yunhao,Zhou Jiayi-parent of Niu Bowen,who did a fantastic job of sharing ideas and samples with the rest of the parents.  A special certificate was awarded to them by our IB Director, Ms. Seema.


We would also like to thank our teachers who led parents towards thinking what ' Creativity’ could mean to different people using, the Halloween theme. Our teachers Ms. Georgia, Mr. Eslam, Mr. George, Ms. Sophie and Mr. Luis joined our IB Director, Ms. Seema to tune parents into ‘Brainstorming Creativity’. 9-Dots Games, car trunk decorations and questions such as: ‘what does hand-made mean to you?’ were shared and discussed with parents. 


Parent volunteers led the groups through discussions, ideas and presentations. They were able to make smaller scale decorations including ghosts, monsters, and spider webs.  The parent group also took note that all senses can be engaged by the car trunk decorations - sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.  Great job!

Whilst in K3, Ewan’s mum showed examples of different hand-made Halloween costume she had brought from home. One example was an origami pumpkin.


 Parents returned to the meeting room after the group work and took turns to present, to the other class, their ideas on their topic. Well done everyone on leading a successful workshop! 

Looking forward to October 31st for more fun!!

SSFLS is a PYP interested school.

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