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Halloween Activities On Wednesday 31st October

After lunch students changed into their Halloween costumes. They proceeded to the wonder room for a special spooky ‘costume contest’ hosted by Mr. George, where three of the best costumes from each class were voted as best handmade costumes. Students received prizes and certificates! 



Following this the students headed to the art room for a Halloween themed craft lesson with Mr. Eslam. They learned to use simple household objects in a fun and creative way and made monsters and ghosts. 


More fun was on their way as they proceeded to the library with Ms. Inessa for a session on ‘Spooky Stories’. Here they heard scary tales as well as made fun Halloween books.


           Trunk or Treat’ was a unique activity in the IB PYP.  Parents were given workshop earlier on how to decorate their car trunks for Halloween. The teachers led the children to see the parents amazing work, in the form of the car trunk displays.


Following the brilliant displays or parent creativity the students were then led to their respected classrooms for even more Halloween themed activities with the homeroom teachers.


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